Scoobysworkshop Quarterly Fitness Success Stories Contest Entry

Win a signed scoobysworkshop t-shirt, but more importantly, help inspire others to follow in your footsteps!
There are four contests each year, one a quarter, and you can enter any time you want:
  • Jan 1- March 31
  • April 1 - June 30
  • July 1 - Sept 30
  • Oct 1 - Dec 31
See the Quarterly Success Contest Rules for complete information.

Fitness Success Stories Entry Form
Submitting your Success Story Contest entry only takes 5 minutes but before you start, please make the following preparations:
  1. Prepare photos: Prepare your before and after contest photos. You will also be given the opportunity to upload some additional photos. Photos need to be un-altered "G-rated" photos of you. It is recommended that you use the same pose in the before and after photos with similar lighting. Find some way to make it clear that the before and after pictures are of the same person, that can be by showing your face, tattoo, or other indentifying mark.
  2. Write story: In 200-2000 words describe yourself, your goals, your training, obstacles you overcame, and your results. This is your chance to inspire others to follow your footsteps! Have a friend proofread this for you, its worth having a second set of eyes look at it.
  3. Write summary: Write a short 15-30 word summary of your success. This is probably THE most important factor in your success in this contest. When people are looking at the list of contestants, all they will see are your before and after photos, before and after weights, and this sentence describing what you achieved. This sentence needs to encapuslate your success.
After you have done the preparatory work, the contest entry is an easy and quick two step process:
  1. Upload photos: Upload all your photos
  2. Submit entry: Enter your contact information and enter your success story.