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Contestants for 2014 Fitness Success Stories Contest

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Fitness Success Story For Ruben From Limburg

Primary GoalPerformance Improvement
Accomplishment:You cannot climb the ladder of succes with your hands in your pockets. - Arnold Schwarzenegger
Weight142 lbs158 lbs

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Fitness Success Story For Summer From CALIFORNIA

Primary GoalPerformance Improvement
Accomplishment:In one of the heardest years of my life, I did not improve my ability to run, but I improved my health and persevered in the face of adversity
Weight128 lbs127 lbs

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Fitness Success Story For Eoin From Manama

Primary GoalPerformance Improvement
Accomplishment:I managed to improve my strength and FFMI considerably in one year. I also learned a huge amount about health and nutrition. Success!
Weight12.5 stone12.9 stone

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Fitness Success Story For Jo From Bulacan

Primary GoalPerformance Improvement
Accomplishment:I discovered my love for doing food challenges and promoted calisthenics as a natural and cost effective way to get strong and fit and they are enjoying it.
Weight140 lbs144 lbs

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Fitness Success Story For Michael From NY

Primary GoalPerformance Improvement
Accomplishment:I gained weight yet lost body fat, Made varsity wrestling won Bjj and wrestling tournaments.
Weight140 lbs145 lbs

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Fitness Success Story For Scooby From California

Primary GoalPerformance Improvement
Accomplishment:In ten years I improved my cardiovascular capacity by focusing on endurance cardio and completing half marathons and double century (200mile) bike rides.
Weight225 lbs215 lbs

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Fitness Success Story For River From Hanoi

Primary GoalPerformance Improvement
Accomplishment:A combination of home workout and bodyweight workout that allowed flexible time and space, plus consistent clean eating.
Weight60 kgs70 kgs

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Fitness Success Story For Shugi From Hamerkaz

Primary GoalPerformance Improvement
Accomplishment:From a fat, weak, and shy boy, I set on a journey to change my life. Now I am an active powerlifting competitor, lean and full of confidence in myself.
Weight83.5 kgs66 kgs

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Fitness Success Story For Trevor From Alberta

Primary GoalPerformance Improvement
Accomplishment:I Discovered happiness in the fountain of youth after escaping 20 years of obesity and unhappiness!
Weight208 lbs150 lbs

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Fitness Success Story For Bekim From Deutschland

Primary GoalPerformance Improvement
Accomplishment:Wrong habits of eating just did let my self go and was not able to do 1push up and one chinup I even was not able to run for 1km
Weight127 kgs102 kgs

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Fitness Success Story For Kempy From Ontario

Primary GoalPerformance Improvement
Accomplishment:Overall confidence! Can do things without problems! enjoy quality of life without risking injury or long term health problems!
Weight152 lbs158 lbs

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